Ultimate Comfort – The Laidback Look

While getting dolled up in fabulous dresses, heels and jewellery is great fun and it can feel wonderful to look so glamorous, sometimes it is just so nice to wear super comfortable clothes that don’t restrict you in any way and which are easy to throw on. Don’t think that the laidback look has to be sloppy though; thanks to the sportswear trend and yoga trends, these days it is easy to still look put together without having to worry about uncomfortable clothing ruining your day. Continue reading “Ultimate Comfort – The Laidback Look”

Outrageously Ostentatious Sandals

Finally with a bit more heat and sunshine we can free our feet from our bulky but obviously practical winter shoes and embrace one of our favourite fashion items for our feet – sandals of course. Sandals have actually been around for basically as long as humans have been wearing shoes so they have no need to prove their credentials, and nowadays there are more styles and designs than ever before which is perfect if you are a bit of shoe fan (who isn’t?!) Continue reading “Outrageously Ostentatious Sandals”