Menswear: 5 Must-Have Smart-Casual Clothing Items

It is becoming more and more popular for men and boys to look smart and presentable when going out. This is important to make a good impression and to not look scruffy when meeting new people or going on a night out. If you are a man going out to an event then you might want to choose clothing which is casual or smart to make a statement and turn heads. There is a range of multiple different types of clothing which can be considered as smart-casual. These consist of:

  • Suit Jackets
  • Formal Jeans
  • Designer Socks
  • Italian Brogues
  • Stylish Shirts

Suit Jackets

Suit jackets can make an outfit come together, especially if they are smart and go with the rest of your clothing. They are a popular choice for men who want to make a casual outfit smarter when going to an event. A special suit jacket can be a great addition to a man’s wardrobe and one, in particular, would be the Skinny Suit Jacket by Topman. This suit jacket is great because it can go with many different types of trousers and is unusual because it is a skinny fit. It is casual but still makes you look keen which is why it is great for many events. This jacket comes in multiple different colours too (stone, red, pink, and blue) and is priced at £110.

Formal Jeans

Formal jeans are great for the jean-lover when a little more effort is required than simply shoving on a pair of any old jeans on. When you think of jeans you may think of something more casual but these will give your look that twist you need to look your best. A great place to find formal jeans would be Next. They provide a nice pair of smart-casual jeans which are black and skinny fit with stretch, priced at just £25.

Designer Socks

Lots of men would not think of a pair of socks making a big difference in their outfit but in fact don’t realise that socks draw a lot of attention from people and if you are wearing the wrong pair of socks with your outfit, this can ruin the whole look. If you’re going for the smart-casual look with your clothes then your socks should go with this style or it won’t work. A great pair of socks which are smart-casual and will make a great addition to your drawer would be the Marl Red sock, from the London Sock Company. These socks are really popular and are only £14.

Italian Brogues

These types of shoes will be a really smart addition to your outfit but the best thing about them is you can pair them with a casual outfit to make it smarter, your outfit doesn’t have to be insolent. A great pair of Italian Brogues is classic, in black leather. To purchase these you would visit The Kooples. This website contains a large range of different types of Brogues and you are almost guaranteed to find the right pair for you. These popular Italian Brogues come to a price of £285.

Stylish Shirts

Shirts can make an outfit and be a great addition but if it is stylish and not just any shirt then this will be even better and ensure that you look your best in a smart-casual manner. A stylish shirt can be any shirt really that looks nice and will complete and outfit to make it look smart-casual. One popular shirt which is very stylish is a brick red long sleeved shirt. You can find this shirt at Brown Bag priced at just £32.50.

It is really important for a man to look his best, especially if he is going out somewhere nice and wants to give a positive impression. He can do this by wearing stylish clothes which are smart-casual, these types of clothes have been identified here.


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