The Perfect Summer Outfit For Men

Recently at Fashion Spy, we have become pressured to supply men with fashion tips as well as women. So if you have a male friend, family member or partner who is interested in the latest fashion trends and outfit advice, then tell them that this is the first in a host of blog post designed for men, as we are looking to make the website helpful for all potential readers, regardless of sex.
For our first article promoting men’s fashion trends, we will be breaking down all the clothing and accessories that we consider to be the perfect men’s summer outfit.

Good quality white t-shirt

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Plain is good. A plain white t-shirt will go with everything you own, so you are sure to get great use out of it. Apart from the accessibility of a white t-shirt, they are also clean, smart and help to create a fresh looking summer outfit. Make sure that you invest in a high-quality cotton, as it is much kinder to your skin, and the quality will help the t-shirt stay in shape and look great for longer.

Wide leg trousers

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Gone are the days of skinny jeans. Finally, the curse has been lifted in men’s fashion and we no longer have to accompany luxurious fabrics with uncomfortable skinny jeans. Wide leg trousers were first adopted by skateboarders looking to gain more circulation in the summer months, and we could all be taking a page from their book. These style of trousers offer supreme comfort and a sleek look with accompanies with a plain white t-shirt as listed first in the list.

The perfect summer socks

Socks perhaps used to be less significant in the planning of an outfit, but with the shorter length of trousers, and opportunity to add a dash of colour to your outfit, people are putting a lot of thought into what colour and style of socks that they are wearing. Over the summer you should be taking the opportunity to wear brighter, bolder socks. The London Sock Company who are making he waves in men’s fashion as of the last year have just released their summer socks collection on their website, and it looks is the perfect tool for giving your outfit some flair without resorting to tacky accessories.

Old school footwear

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Shoes can make or break your perfect summer outfit. At Fashion Spy, we consider simplicity when selecting the perfect shoes to complete an outfit. Avoid getting footwear which overcomplicates your outfit. Van’s and Converse’s simply canvas style shoes work great with any outfit, as the vintage look will never draw the attention away from the main elements of your outfit. Try and select shoes with just one or two neutral colours.

Vintage sunglasses

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Not much thought has to go into sunglasses, as it’s more down to personal preference. Although we would suggest investing in a pair of vintage style sunglasses, which adopt the rounded or squared shape as they tie in brilliantly with the other clothing items we have listed already. Go to a charity shop before you splash out on a pair of Ray Bans, because let’s face it, in the UK you might only get to wear them for a couple of weeks this year!

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