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It’s summer which means that it is the perfect time of the year to play around with your beauty box and to try out new make-up looks. Make-up trends tend to complement and run parallel to clothing fashion trends so it can really come as no surprise that this year bright tropical colours which have been seen everywhere on the catwalks have swung into the world of beauty.

The fantastic thing about tropical make-up looks is that they really can suit any skin tone and will look great whether you want to go all out or prefer a more toned down look. And another great thing is that you don’t even have to shell out that much money for some fun new products and you don’t need near professional make-up artist skills to nail these looks. Read on for some of our favourite tropical make-up looks and the products that you can use to achieve them.

Tropical Cat Eye Flick

The cat eye flick is one make-up look that looks like it is here to stay which is hardly surprising considering that it is an instant way to add a bit more vamp and glamour to your evening look. For summertime though, ditch your dark liquid eye-liners and instead choose some brighter and more colourful shades that are just perfect for summer. We recommend some liquid eye liners from bargain make-up brand Collection 2000 which does boast some really lovely shades in their Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner range from violet to turquoise to silver and green and more. Each tube costs just £2.99 meaning you can definitely invest in more than one shade to see you through this summer! When doing your cat eye flick with a coloured eye-liner, keep it delicate for a fun and flirty look.

In the last couple of years, high street giant Primark have started to expand their empire into the realm of beauty too and they boast some fantastic beauty buys to add to your collection like this highlighting stick. Contouring really is a bit too heavy of a look to subject your skin to during the lighter and brighter summer months but there is nothing wrong with a shimmering look that hits your skin in just the right places. Use this handy little stick to highlight your cheekbones, brow and nose for a dewy look that will look fresh as a daisy this summer and will look like you have just stepped off of the beach.

A bright dash of lipstick is a great way to look put together with minimal effort and it will show off your glowing summer skin to perfection whilst still looking tropical and fun. Avon’s fun and funky Color Trend range has some really lovely colourful brights that are simply perfect for the summer months. With shades such as Strawberry Sundae, Poppy Love, Raspberry Ripple, Popsicle Peach and Coral in Love there are some simply gorgeous colours to choose from with each tube of lipstick costing just £3.95!


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